Actor, Game Developer, Filmmaker, Photographer… Artist


A multilingual eclectic soul, whose favorite language is Art

The son of immigrants to Spain, an Argentinian painter and an American musician, Pablo was surrounded by an eclectic and culturally diverse creative environment from a very young age. Growing up in Spain he studied at a French school before ultimately emigrating to the US for university.

Having followed in his parents’ footsteps, he himself now both an artist and an immigrant, he’s cultivated many different talents along the way. This has allowed him to draw from a diverse set of lived experiences to connect deeply and truthfully with his characters.

Pablo is a former US National Pro Rally driver, a licensed pilot and skydiver, has worked as a wire photographer following the ATP and WTA tennis tours (a sport he also competes in), has directed short animation and live action films, holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, has designed and developed several video games and is fluent in 4 languages.

As an Actor he’s appeared in films, commercials, industrials, theatre and as a non-signing performer with the San Francisco Opera. He has primarily trained at the American Conservatory Theater, Voice One and The Actors Space in San Francisco, California.


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